Tips for Organizing Your Finances

Before I talk about what a budget is, I want to say what it is not. The budget is not a straitjacket. When some people hear this word, they start to sweat cold. If you are one of those people, I have to tell you that most reject the idea of ​​budgeting, but it is critical in the path to financial organization. If you want to make money, if you have dreams, or goals to reach, you don’t always need more money.

The key is just better management.

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Famous writer John Maxwell says a budget is telling your money what to do instead of asking where it went.

All the books and advice from successful people will tell you that you have to have a plan. Imagine a builder building a house without a project. Another writer, Zig Ziglar, says that “If you don’t aim at the target, you’ll never get it right.” In other words, either you learn to control your money, or lack of money will always control you. Let me repeat … this is very important. Either you learn to control your money, or lack of money will always control you . “

You might say, but Andres, “I didn’t go to school to understand a budget,” or even “I earn very little to use a budget.” Understand, either you learn to control your money, or lack of money will always control you.

I’ll give you three extremely important advice so you can start changing your habits and living on a budget.

Put on paper.

A lot of people say they have a household budget stored in their memory. Seriously? Who never went to the grocery store with a list in his memory and returned home without much of the list and ended up spending more than planned?

When you make a list:

  • You have a plan and you know what you’re going to do instead of walking down the halls.
  • You know where things are.
  • You spend less time because you come in, buy and leave.
  • Spend less money and buy only necessary.

Put it into practice.

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It’s not easy. Nothing worthwhile is easy. Losing weight is not easy, but it is worth the effort. If you keep doing the usual, you will get the same results. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results.

“But Andres, I don’t have time …” But you know which team won the last Brazilian Championship or because Ana left Pedro in the soap opera, but has no time to take care of his money.
“Andres, we tried and ended in fight.” I had a fight too. There are differences at home between men and women, smart and bohemian, but as adults, we have to put our pride aside and stop to plan the welfare of the family.

It takes time, don’t give up.

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I have to be honest, the first month won’t work. You will find that your salary is not enough to feed a family of five.
Do not give up! Make adjustments to your budget. It’s like riding a bike, the first time you fall, but try until you learn and never forget how you do it. Keep adjusting your budget until you learn. The future of your family depends on it.

I know all this does not seem complicated, just remember that: Personal finance is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior.

I don’t wanna be like normal people. So my wife and I decided to be different, we decided to be like people who have no debt. And if that sounds a little strong, it’s because I’m tired of seeing how many people suffer and lose their homes, their cars and even their family members just for not paying attention to the small details.

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